You must be wondering why so many people insist on pruning the trees in their yard often. Let me tell you, it only because pruning your trees has a host of benefits. If you prune your trees at the right time twice a year, you’re in for a lot of benefits, which we will be discussing today. Let’s get started:


  1. Helps the tree to grow:
    Can you think of better reason to prune your trees? While most people believe pruning will stunt the growth of their trees, it’s a myth. The fact is that pruning helps the three grow, flourish and thrive like never before. This should convince you about the role pruning plays to ensure your trees thrive.
  2. Beautifies space:
    Let’s agree – no one likes a yard that’s unkempt. Same goes with haphazardly growing trees. An untended yard just doesn’t put forth a good impression, which is where pruning comes into the picture. You can easily sort out the structure and shape of your trees with the help of pruning. Give your yard a neat and orderly look, with well-shaped trees!
  3. Helps the tree to bear fruit:
    Pruning mainly helps fruit-bearing trees a lot. That’s because it enables you to get rid of the sick and dead branches, which allows the tree to breathe, grow spurs and thus bear healthy fruit. To get lovely juicy produce from your tree, go in for pruning!
  4. Restricts spread of disease:
    Most of the times, branches of trees get easily infested first – either by pests or diseases. Pruning helps get rid of these branches and stops the disease or pest infestation right there. It ensures the infected branches of the tree don’t mess with the healthy ones. This also means pruning not only stops the disease from spreading but also treats it.
  5. Helps get rid of wayward branches:
    It happens a lot of times – the branches of trees get entangled with overhead cables, which ends up in disruption of power. Also, heavier branches of trees sometimes outweigh the base of the tree, making them dangerous. To keep these troubles at bay, you need to get your trees pruned.

Pruning, if done well, will help your tree grow really well. It is advisable to get your trees pruned twice a year, at the right time. And also, you need to get it done from a professional, who will correctly do the job.  Call Charles Walsh at Timberlake’s Tree Service Chesapeake about tree pruning services.