In this post, we’ll be breaking down fertilization and everything you need to know about it. We’ll be telling you about the importance and benefits of fertilization. So read on:


Why do I need to fertilize my tree?
The soil in which your tree is planted may not have the essential minerals a tree requires to grow. Even if the earth is good, with high mineral content, it may so happen that your tree is not able to access these minerals properly. And more than often, the nutrients in the soil are shared by all the plants in the yard. This means your trees aren’t getting enough of their share of nutrition. This is where fertilization comes into the picture. All these drawbacks are overcome by fertilizing your tree.

With what should I fertilize my trees?
All the fallen leaves, twigs, fruits from trees are what you have to use to prepare your organic manure. The more the organic manure, better it will be for the health of your tree. Also, trees are in a better state to absorb these natural elements in a faster and more effective manner, which is a significant plus point.

Where should I put the fertilizer?
The absorption system of the tree lays in its roots – so that’s what you have to do – pour in all your fertilizer evenly at the base of your tree and a bit around it too. Root systems of trees are similar to the branches – they spread. So ensure spread the fertilizer so that the entire root system of the tree is covered well.

When should you fertilize your tree?
The perfect time to fertilize your trees is between fall to spring. This is the time when the tree uses its mineral intake to boost its immune system and fight diseases. It’s the growing season where the tree is working on its overall development and not only growing. So this is the perfect time to feed the tree with all the essential nutrition so that it can perform its tasks efficiently.

The benefits of fertilizing your tree are tremendous. And even if you’re not sure about doing it yourself, most professional tree service providers do this task in an orderly and systematic manner –so go for it!

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